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Whether a stadium of 105,000 professionals representing 90 countries in Las Vegas, an auditorium of 5,000 students in Texas, a conference room of 1,500 in Australia, 3,500 in South Africa, or a living room of 10 in Kansas we haven’t held back.

We’ve traveled the world sharing our gift, leaving a trail of motivation, inspiration, transformation and more importantly, results along the way. Together, our journeys consist of managing books of business worth up to $1.4 Billion, producing award winning sales results for fortune 500 companies and building organizations of over 50,000 leaders across multiple Continents, producing 10’s of millions of dollars in revenue to date.

As individuals we’re good, but as a couple we’re great!  Everything we do is centered around our 4 Pillars: Kingdom, Business, Relationships & Purpose.  We’re husband and wife, business partners and best friends.  We tag team on stage and at home with our son Aiden, daughter Chandler, and nieces and nephews when they come to visit.  In our spare time we love watching comedies, traveling, eating ice cream and taking power naps on the couch in our favorite blankets.

We’ve been fortunate enough to build some of the most incredible relationships and truly have designed a life that we enjoy living.  Nothing gives us more joy than teaching others how to do the same!  

The Wilkins In Action Together

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